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Working With Lawyers, Judges and Courts To Protect Children Going Through Divorce

Forensic Interventions

Forensic therapy encompasses the psychological assessment, evaluation, intervention, and treatment of individuals who have committed violent crimes or are otherwise in the legal system. Victims and families may also be involved in forensic therapy. A forensic therapist may work in a therapeutic, supervisory, or consulting capacity, depending on the client’s situation and the requirements of the legal system.

Child care and custody proceedings can become sensitive issues, and experts help determine the best course of action. One of the best ways to determine what’s best for a child is through family court forensic services. It’s an all-encompassing process that finds evidence to help with legal proceedings.

“For a long time, the fact that I was divorced was the most interesting thing about me. Now it’s not.” – Nora Ephron

What Are Forensic Therapy Services?

Forensic therapy is a process that evaluates individuals involved in family-related legal proceedings. It can be anywhere from violent crimes to domestic issues. A case may need a forensic intervention to shed more light on what’s happening with the children and their parents.

Parental Coordination

Parental Coordinator

As a parental coordinator, we help resolve the conflict between parents. It is especially needed when they find it impossible to get along with one another. We bridge the gap by improving communication and finding ways to resolve disputes. From there, we create a parenting plan they can follow. It’s a specialization that helps parents dealing with psychological or addiction problems.


Reunification Facilitation

Reunification is a service to help children that may have disconnected from a parent. Either they refuse to see them or strongly prefer one over the other. The goal here is to help restore the relationship.

Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony

The court can mandate evaluations, interviews, and other similar programs. We can also provide an expert to testify on various topics. These include personality disorders, abuse, addictions, child development, and more.

Psychological evaluations

Family Court Evaluations

We conduct evaluations to analyze an adult’s parenting capabilities in depth. From there, we can recommend a better course of action and see if they can participate in the legal process or any future parenting efforts.

Psychological evaluations

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Our goal is to help a family reach a healthier psychological state by discovering and addressing their issues. Contact us today if you need help or want someone to help you with a legal proceeding. Our doors are always open to help.

These services are foremost for the best interest of the child. Experiences such as alienation, abuse, and violence, can lead to various psychological issues. While it’s good to test the parents, the children’s outlook and experience also matter.

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